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  • I just purchased a Serenity Pellet Stove.  Do I need to pull fresh air in from outside?

    If you live in a mobile home, yes you will need to pull in fresh air from the outside. All other homes, especially those newer than 1980, it is highly recommended to do so.

  • I live at 2,500 feet above sea level.  Will the 3” L-type venting work for me?

    No. If you live 2,500 feet or higher altitude, you must use 4” L-type venting.  Anyone living below this altitude can use 3” L-venting.

  • My stove lights, but then when the room fan comes on, it stops feeding and shuts down.

    This is usually the Proof of Fire Sensor (52 c sensor). Standing in front of the stove, take the left side panel off and look at the exhaust housing. There are two identical sensors mounted there, one of the sensors will have wires and the other will not. Move the wires from the sensor that is hooked up to the additional sensor.

  • There is no “V” indicator on my controller. What do I do?

    Ensure that the door of the stove is completely closed. If it is closed tightly, and the indicator light is still not showing, call Castle’s Customer Service at 800-345-6007 for additional troubleshooting.

  • My controller was working fine yesterday, but today it will not light up.

    Make sure that the stove is properly plugged in and the outlet is properly working. If this step has been done you will want to check your fuse. If the fuse is not burned out, you will need a new incoming power supply switch. A helpful hint: A fuse is burnt out when the wire in between the two connection points is broken or burnt and charred.

  • My stove was working great last season, but now it doesn’t want to light and stay running.

    Are the pellets new this season, or are they left over from last season? If they are left over, they will have absorbed humidity and likely have then dried out. This compromises the integrity of the pellets and make them more difficult to burn. We suggest always starting each season with fresh pellets. If you do reuse old pellets, mix a ratio of 1/3 old pellets with 2/3 new pellets.

  • My stove shuts down every time I fill the hopper.

    There is a built in safety feature on the unit that will cause the fire to burn out if the lid is open for an extended period of time. Your fire pot should be emptied out daily. While doing this, it is also the perfect time to refill the hopper.

  • I set my temperature to 72 degrees, but it is approximately 10 degrees higher than I set it.  Why?

    The sensor that reads the temperature is at the back of the stove where there is generally not much circulation. To resolve this, you will want to either set the temperature lower or have a fan set up near the stove that is circulating room air behind the stove to help with regulating.

  • I’m running my stove in Temp Mode. It gets to the temperature I set, but it doesn’t shut off.

    The only time the Serenity will start and shut off by itself is if you have it in Weekly Mode and have set the times you would like it to turn on and off. In Temp Mode it will reach that set temperature and then idle in level one until it calls for more heat. For a quick fix, either the stove should be shut down for a period of time until the room cools some and then it can be lit, or a window can be cracked to cool the room as well.

  • I set my stove in a Weekly Mode, but the unit didn’t start up when I set it for.

    When you are in the controller setting information, remember that you have to left arrow to highlight, up or down arrows to get the information that you want, and then left arrow to un-highlight.  If you do not un-highlight, any changes you have made will not save. Anytime you are changing setting you will need to highlight and un-highlight the setting feature.

  • I set everything up for Weekly Mode, and I want it to run all night, but it shuts off.

    The Weekly Mode uses Military Time and the stove will automatically shut off at midnight.  Once a day, the stove will need to go thru the required cool down phase before it can be restarted. A helpful hint: Try setting the start time to read 12:30am, this will allow your stove the required 30 minutes to cool down and it will restart promptly at 12:30am.

  • Can I use fuels other than wood pellets in my Serenity?

    No. Only wood pellets can be used in the Serenity.

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