Serenity Pellet Stove

Reinvent the way you heat your home with Castle's Serenity wood pellet stove. Choose between manual, thermostat, and weekly operational modes to heat your home on your schedule. The unique design makes the Serenity Stove the easiest cleaning pellet stove on the market.

  • Manual

    Select from 5 different heating levels. User can change the heating level anytime using the up/down arrows on the smart controller

  • Weekly

     Up to four operating periods for each of the seven days of the week. Easily heat your home on your schedule.

  • Thermostat

    User selects the desired temperature and the stove quickly heats the space before dropping to the lowest heat setting required to maintain a comfortable environment.

  • Eco

    Eco mode offers the ability for the Serenity stove to toggle between on and off to maintain the desired room temperature